Let Yourself Fall



It’s still hard sometimes. Looking at him and thinking that this man knows me better than anyone else. This man knows all my flaws, my secrets and scars, and he is still here. He still looks st me the same way. I was so afraid that he would see me differently, that he would start to treat me differently, but again he proved to me that letting someone in – letting yourself fall with someone doesn’t always end up in heartbreak and misery


Let Yourself Fall

Sometimes in life you have to take the risk of getting hurt. Sometimes you have to allow yourself to believe in incredible things. You have to believe that good things can happen. Even to you. Trusting and believing in someone doesn’t always end with heartbreak and misery. Even if you’re scared. You have to be brave for once. People get hurt. And yes, there is not always a happily ever after like all these Disney movies want you to believe. But if you’re always holding back and expect the worst, you get left behind. Life will go on without you.

You have to listen to your heart every now and then even though your head tells you otherwise. Pursue your happiness with the risk of losing your heart along the way. It’s so much worse living your life full of what ifs.

Even if you do get hurt along the way. Don’t lose hope. Get up. Wipe off the dust and get over it. Finding your happiness in the end is worth a few tear.

author’s note

In a world where love is more of a myth than anything else – I felt like this book has to be written. In a world where everyone thinks they have to change in order to be accepted – I felt like there has to be something that gives hope again.
We are allowed to seek more. We are allowed to think that we deserve better. Allowed to want someone who will love us no matter what – someone who will be on our side no matter what – who will love us with all our flaws and imperfections.
We all deserve more. Never settle for less than you actually deserve.
Be you. Let Yourself Fall. Love will find you.
Their story is not about finding their way to each other – it’s about finding their way back to themselves.